Decorate Safely This Holiday Season!

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Happy Holidays from Creative Spaces!

Whether you’re trimming the tree, lighting the menorah, or celebrating the holiday season in your family’s own unique way, we hope you’re spending it with family and friends. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there were more than 15,000 injuries related to holiday decorations last year. So, as you start to climb the ladder in order to obtain the perfect placement for the star, consider your safety and the safety of your home.

Fireproof the Tree

If you’ve cut down a live tree this season, take a good look at it first. Ensure that the bristles are green and not dried out. Water your tree every day and place it away from fireplaces, heaters, and other areas where it might catch flame.

Consider a Fake Tree

Cutting down the tree may be a holiday tradition, but a fake tree is a much safer option for your home and family. Fake trees come in many forms and many are labeled as “fire resistant”. They’re also a more environmentally friendly option!

Check Your Lights First

Check your bird’s nest of lights for any frayed wires, broken sockets, or loose connections. Don’t mount lights in a way that might damage the cords, and avoid using nails or tacks to hang them up. When you go to sleep, ensure that you’re turning all of your lights off!

Out, Out, Brief Candle

Candles are a wonderful way to accent the room with low light. While beautiful, they’re a potential fire hazard if not tended to correctly. Keep your candles on a sturdy base to prevent tipping, and never leave them unattended.

Ladder Safety is Paramount

Does Dad have a habit of climbing on to the roof during the holidays to hang lights? Ensure that he (and anyone else) is taking the proper precautions when using a ladder. Always implement the buddy system and ensure that the ladder has been properly set up!


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