How to Maximize Your Whole-Home Remodeling Plans

How to Maximize Your Whole-Home Remodeling Plans Featured image

How to Maximize Your Whole-Home Remodeling Plans

Creative Spaces Remodeling isn’t new to the whole home remodeling game. Our founder, John Johnson, has over three decades of whole home remodeling experience and he takes pride in personally involving himself in each and every project. If you’re ready to remodel more than half of your home, discover how you can boost your investment with the following tips.

Meet with a Contractor

Remodeling more than half of your home is a tremendous project, and it requires careful planning and discussion. The first thing you’ll need to do is meet with a contractor and discuss your options. Why are you planning to remodel your home? What do you envision for your home? What do you love about your home and what would you like to change?

Perform an Assessment

A contractor will need to visit your home to perform an initial assessment of the property. By assessing the foundation and mechanical systems, any structural or site concerns can be addressed before the project begins.

Draw it Up

Once you have an idea of the scope of your project, it’s time to draw it up. Meet with the contractor and the design team to create an “as built,” which is a drawing of your existing home. An “as built” is an essential part of the design team, as it can help you craft solutions to some of your more difficult home design problems.

Complete the Design

Once you have an idea of your whole-home design, make any essential adjustments and changes. During this time, the contracting team will assess important structural aspects of the home such as electrical plumbing and critical framing.

Gather the Necessary Permits

Before the building begins, ensure that you gather all necessary permits. The contractor can create a full set of permit drawings and submit them to the county for approval. Once everything is approved, the construction process can begin!


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