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4 Tips for Planning Your Waterfront Home Renovation

A waterfront home offers many advantages such as spectacular views, but building a home on the water comes with certain challenges. It’s important to work with a talented, experienced contractor who understands the sensitive aspects of waterfront home building to ensure that your renovation is perfect. If you’re planning to renovate your waterfront home after getting a loan from hard money lenders, read on!

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3 Ways to Set Realistic Expectations for Your Remodeling Project

Whether you’re installing new windows or renovating the entire house, it’s important to set realistic expectations for your remodeling project. This means that you’ve analyzed the cost, time, and general legwork it will take to turn your house into a home. At Creative Spaces Remodeling, we pride ourselves in our ability to work closely with you to understand your desires and any challenges that may arise. Here are three ways you can start setting yourself up for remodeling success today.

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5 Gardening Tips in Preparation for Summer

Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner, which means that the unofficial start of summer is finally here. As you plan the annual cookout and unpack the lawn chairs, make sure your garden is ready for the changing season. Here are a few tips to ensure that you and your thriving plants are prepared for the summer heat!

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The Perks of Bathroom Remodeling

Do you cringe at the sound of your leaking faucet? Do you sigh at the sight of your outdated bathroom tile? If you’re unhappy with your current bathroom, it’s time for a remodel. This week we’re discussing how a bathroom remodel could improve your home and your life. Let’s explore.

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4 Things to Expect From Your Home Remodel

Whenever you’re having a room remodeled, it’s highly recommended that you spend as much time as possible away from your home to avoid the growing pains of renovation. If you’re unable to relocate during the course of the remodeling project, simply prepare yourself for what’s to come. Here are four common remodeling hassles to expect from your remodel.

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Surprise Mom With A New Kitchen On Mother’s Day

Life happens in the kitchen. It’s a room where mothers and fathers alike spend a great deal of their time, preparing meals for the kids and entertaining friends. Since the family spends so much time in the kitchen, it should be a place that they truly enjoy. This Mother’s Day, make the holiday extra special and give Mom the kitchen of her dreams.

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Simple Ways To Improve Your Maryland Deck

Whether your deck has been recently installed by a deck builder or it’s been a part of your Maryland home for years, now is the perfect time to add decor, color, and other stylish touches. Take advantage of the versatility of your deck space and gear up for summer with these four simple improvements.

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4 Ways You Can Start Saving the Earth Today

This year’s Earth Day campaign focuses on achieving environmental and climate literacy throughout the world. This year, take part in the initiative by donating to a local environmental cause, participating in the March for Science, and making a few minor adjustments to your daily routine. Here are four ways that you can start saving the Earth today.

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3 Must-Do Spring Landscaping Tasks

Many Maryland residents walked outside this week to find a fresh layer of yellow pollen on their front lawns. Spring is officially here and the growing pains that come with it. As you head out to purchase allergy medicine, stop and pick up a few lawn-care tools as well. Now is the perfect time to prepare your garden for spring. Here’s how you can start.

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Planning a Major Renovation to Your Maryland Home?

Spring is a popular time of year for major home renovations in Maryland. The welcome change in temperature inspires many homeowners to pursue their dream kitchens and landscapes. When it comes to a major renovation, make sure that you’re tackling the project in the best way. Here’s how to start. 

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Digging in Maryland? Stop and Call Miss Utility First

Now that spring is finally here, homeowners everywhere will strap on their working boots and head outdoors for seasonal maintenance and upgrades. Before you start digging to make way for the new patio, stop and call Miss Utility first!

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The Perks of a Maryland Outdoor Kitchen

Have you ever wished your kitchen were a bit bigger? You could cook more delicious meals, entertain more guests, and spend more time relaxing in your favorite room. A bigger kitchen certainly has its perks, but the time it takes to renovate your home may not seem as attractive. Consider thinking outside of the box…

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The Basics of Outdoor Lighting

A little outdoor lighting goes a long way. Whether you want a dramatically lit landscape or simple accent lights, keep in mind that your landscape requires less illumination than your kitchen. There’s a fine line between too much outdoor lighting and not enough. Here are a few tips for lighting up your landscape the right way.

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4 Steps to Remodeling Your Home With Ease

Has the possibility of a stressful remodeling experience changed your mind about updating your kitchen? Have the remodeling horror stories scared you out of the bedroom of your dreams? A home renovation is a large task and many different factors can lead to an unsavory experience. Don’t fear the remodeling process, rather, be smart about it.

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Is Your Home Ready for an Addition?

There are quite a number of reasons why homeowners choose to add an indoor or outdoor addition onto their home. These can range from aesthetics to intrinsic value, to expanding space to accommodate all sorts of kinds of lifestyle changes without the added hassle of moving. Here are a few reasons why many choose to remodel their home.  Is your home ready for an addition?   

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The Benefits of a Screened In Porch

Now that spring is almost here, homeowners everywhere are calling their contractor to have outdoor additions installed. After a long winter, it makes sense that so many people want to take advantage of the lovely weather we’re having here in Maryland. An outdoor addition is nice, but why not consider a structure that you can enjoy all year round — a screened in porch!

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February is the Best Time to Have a Deck Installed

The days are getting slightly longer and the sun is breaking through the clouds on a daily basis. It’s safe to say that the worst of winter has come and gone, granted that Maryland doesn’t get hit by another mid-March snow storm. Now is the perfect time to start planning your spring additions to your home. Too excited to wait? Start your deck installation process today!

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Biggest “Don’ts” in Whole Home Remodeling

The founder of Creative Spaces, John Johnson, knows a thing or two about the remodeling process. With over 30 years in the remodeling business, he’s seen it all from smooth projects to rocky adventures. Here is some advice for homeowners on what not to do while your house is being renovated.

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The Kitchen Remodeling Preparation Checklist

They say that if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, and if you can’t stand your kitchen, then you should have it remodeled. Whether you’re looking to increase the property value of your home or your value of life, a kitchen remodeling project is always a great place to start. Before you start picking out wallpaper, take the following points into consideration.

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3 Things to Consider Before Planning your Waterfront Home Renovation

If you’re the lucky owner of a waterfront home, chances are you’ve thought about ways that you could tweak your property in order to make it absolutely perfect. If you’re thinking about a remodeling project somewhere in the near future, take these points into consideration.

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