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Keep Your Lawn Healthy in the Heat

The Maryland summer is hot, and it isnt over. At Creative Spaces, we hope youre maintaining your lawn in a way that is healthy and productive for you. But you don’t have to do it alone, especially if you have a big garden. With the help of professional lawn care resource management services, you may find that you’ll have the garden your dreams sooner than you imagined! We have a few suggestions to keep your lawn green and vibrant during the remainder of August and September.

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Relieve the Stress and Anxiety of Major Remodeling Projects With Our Help!

Those redesign projects can disrupt the usual sanctity, organization, and refuge of your home. They are well worth it though! As you dive into your extended remodeling projects, things can get a bit stressful. Without help, a big home improvement redesign can go awry. If you’ve always wanted to revamp your backyard with tiered gardens, bubbling fountains, koi ponds, and relaxing space, your vision is a convenient reality. In this week’s blog, we’ll map out the simple  process for beginning your big remodeling projects to relieve any apprehensions you may be having about them.

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Creative Outdoor Living Ideas: Tranquil Koi Ponds and Cascading Waterfalls

Did you ever have dream home fantasies as a child? What did you imagine your backyard would look like? Was it covered in luscious, home-grown grass with a polished, wooden deck centerpiece? Was there a cozy relaxation area with comfortable wicker furniture surrounding a blazing fire pit for roasting marshmallows on a cool, summer night? Or maybe you fantasized about your very own screened-in hideaway while calming, cascading water from garden fountains fuel your meditative repose. Perhaps you believe in feng shui and imagined multiple bubbling ponds filled with prized koi, tiered and separated by flowing waterfalls that keep those

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Landscaping Projects? Call Miss Utility Before You Dig

Whether you’re rooting up the dirt for a tranquil koi pond, or you’re leveling your property for a tasteful tiered garden, you’ll need some help before you dig. Miss Utility is your partner when it comes to safe digging. Your residence could have a variety of utility services running beneath your front lawn. Do you know exactly where your sewage line runs? It’s okay, a lot of homeowners don’t! Finding out where, exactly, your utility lines run prevents raw sewage nightmares from destroying your backyard. Whether you’re using a hand shovel or heavy duty equipment, call Miss Utility first to

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Follow Our DIY Residential Safety Tips For Kids!

Working around the house can be dangerous! If you’re doing a lot of renovation work outside, existing structures often house rusty nails, splintered wood, and uneven footing. Walking over wood rotten boards will land you, or your kids, on your behinds when you fall through them.  It’s also summer! There may be holes on your property burrowing offspring decided to call their homes. Developing minds are curious. If you don’t teach your little ones to be careful, they may wind up hurting themselves. Yikes! Your home should be a safe haven for your family. Follow our DIY safety tips to

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Helpful Tips For Staying Hydrated While Working In The Heat

Those landscaping projects you’re taking on this summer are tough! From weeding your garden, to lifting heavy boards for your new deck outdoor work will have you sweating. Don’t get too carried away. The risk for dehydration increases drastically alongside the heat index. If your mouth starts to feel dry and sticky, you start feeling lethargic, and develop a headache, it’s time to get out of the sun. Severe dehydration is extremely detrimental to your health. Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, confusion, and decreased urination are notables signs of advanced dehydration. If you don’t seek medical attention immediately, you risk

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Advice From Your Home Renovation Contractor: Save Money And Stay Cool With An Energy Efficient Home

With the hottest days of the year approaching, it’s important for you and your family to familiarize yourselves with smart energy saving methods. With the season for folding doors being wide open approaching, conserving energy should be a priority of yours. Central air, while a luxurious accommodation, can really rack up that energy bill every month. Most residential energy waste is the result of unnecessary sunlight pollution and unnecessary air cooling. There are ways to cool down your home that don’t require cranking up the air conditioning. This week, we’ll highlight the specific steps you can take to add a

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Prepare For Your 4th Of July BBQ Bash By Designing Your New Outdoor Kitchen!

With warm, summer breezes in the air and the melodic chirping of birds, spending time outdoors should be your top priority. Do you have any 4th of July plans yet? What better way to celebrate America’s founding fathers than with a boisterous neighborhood BBQ hosted in your brand new, multi-faceted, fully furnished outdoor kitchen? Guide your guests and friends through the old backyard frontier featuring a stainless steel smoking grill, gas cooktop, pizza oven, and stocked bar. Entertain the neighbors with a round of your famous margaritas! Design your outdoor kitchen carefully to make unforgettable memories this Monday. Bookmark July

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Prepare Your Home For Those Sweltering Dog Days With HVAC Maintenance

Here in Maryland, experiencing 90-100 degree days is common, especially in the blistering months of June, July and August. Relaxing by the pool or cooling down in your shaded outdoor porch is hard if your central air starts malfunctioning. You don’t want the stifling, suffocating heat creeping indoors during the hottest months of the year. Heat exhaustion is a risk that needs to be taken seriously. If you’re experiencing heavy sweating, rapid pulse, confusion, dizziness, and muscular cramping seek shelter from the heat immediately. Considered a medical emergency, neglecting to do so will lead to deadly heat stroke. If your

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Help Dad Create His Own Outdoor Oasis This Summer!

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate all of the great things that Dad does for us. From teaching us how to change a tire to walking us down the aisle, Dad works hard to help provide a loving home. Does your family have any Father’s Day traditions? One of the most popular ones in the US is getting outside and grilling! There’s something about lighting up the BBQ grill with dad and enjoying perfectly grilled burgers, dogs, and veggies! Whether large or small, a backyard BBQ is one of the best ways to celebrate Father’s Day and show some

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Swat Those Mosquitoes Away With A Screened In Porch This Summer!

Having an enticing outdoor space this summer could be key to winding down after those hectic days at work. Indulge in those refreshing sips of fresh-squeezed lemonade while enjoying the night air. Cozy up in your favorite outdoor furniture and a crackling fire pit! Listen to nature’s music as frogs peep in the distance and cicadas chirp in unison. Keep in mind, however, that with friendly insects come malicious ones as well. The blood suckers, the biters and the disease carriers will turn your relaxed personal harmony into tons of itchy, irritated bumps. Tired of constantly swatting, slapping, and spraying?

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A Guide to Your First Meeting With a Remodeling Contractor

As remodeling contractors, we have a proven 10-step consultation guide that is guaranteed to help you through your personalized home improvement projects with no headaches! High communication is key to well-delivered results. Here at Creative Spaces Remodeling, we strive to ask all the right questions so we know exactly the size, scope, and materials needed to make your vision a reality. Without a well-informed consultation, often times remodeling projects can be a nightmare. We’ve formulated our step-by-step consultation because of this. With frequent redesigning and reconvening, we will not begin the construction process until we are 100% certain you are

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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the new online home of Creative Spaces Remodeling. This is our blog section. Check back soon for the latest tips, news and information about custom home remodeling!

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