Tips for How to Design a Man Cave

Tips for How to Design a Man Cave

Man cave design tips

His Hidden Sanctuary

Formal Man Caves started appearing years ago as an upgrade to the typical man’s retreat, the basement or garage workshop. Nowadays, men are investing in rooms completed dedicated to their hobbies like sports, music, etc. Many times they are located in the basement, hence the birth of the term “Man Cave.”  When designing the room, the point of most significant contention is the finding the best location within your home. Today, they are no longer located only in the basement. Here are some ideas for places and design inspiration for your Man Cave.

Location is Everything

  • Basement

Still, the number one area of the home, the appeal of the basement is that it personifies a cave-like feel in that it is underground. The cellar provides excellent climate control and sound insulation. That way you can make as much noise as you like, watching sports or playing music, without disturbing the rest of the household. If your home has a finished basement, this could be the perfect basis for your masculine retreat.

  • Spare Room

If your home does not have a finished basement, consider using a spare room. No matter the location of the spare room, should sound be a significant concern you can easily install added insulation and drywall. Furthermore, many men are converting these extra spaces into secret rooms with hidden doors and entrances. A great way to channel your inner Batman! Additionally, with a little extra reinforcement, your Man Cave could also serve as a safe room in emergencies. 

  • Garage

If you have a large garage or do not carewhether your cars are parked within, this could be an excellent location foryour Man Cave. One negative to converting a garage is that if you intend tosell your home in years, it may turn off potential buyers. However, if you planto stay in your home indefinitely, transforming the garage could be ideal. Most garages are a blank canvas — already having drywall and electricity.

Common Considerations

  • Entertainment System: Do you want TVs and cable?A wireless stereo system?
  • Decor: Make sure it is truly an expression ofyour personality, from wall art to furniture, right down to the paint on thewalls. What is your theme?
  • The “Wow” Factor: What is your favorite element of your sanctuary? What is that component that surprises anddelights you and any guests who enter into your personal space?
  • Beverages and Snacks: Do you want to enjoy food and drink in your retreat? If so, you may need to incorporate a refrigerated unit or even running water and a sink.
  • Climate Control: Want to use your retreat all year long? Even the most insulated spaces will require cooling and heating during the summer and winter.

Stumped on how and where to begin creating your masculine sanctuary? Contact Creative Spaces. We will work with you design a Man Cave that is the perfect expression of you. Let our creative home engineering team help you build your ideal space to relax and escape from the hectic world. Contact us today for your consultation.

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