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There are many reasons why the current layout of your home may not be working for you. Maybe the addition of a new baby into your home has made you realize that carpeting would be a better choice than your current hardwood. Or maybe you’ve just grown tired of your living room whose lighting schemes and fixtures are straight out of 1982. No matter what aspect of your home is giving you trouble, the creative professionals at Creative Spaces Remodeling can transform your home to meet your needs, suit your style, and will help you truly fall in love with your house!

We are a home renovation contractor with decades of experience serving clients throughout Maryland, including Annapolis, Baltimore, the Eastern Shore, Calvert County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and Montgomery County. No matter what vision you have for your home-or even if you don’t yet have a vision but know you just need a change–we will work with you to create a beautiful and functional design that works for you and your family.

Transform Your Home’s Interior with the Help of an Experienced High-end Remodeling Contractor

No matter which rooms need to be renovated or what type of style you prefer, we can transform the interior of your home into a stylish and functional living space. We can renovate:

Living Rooms

If you need to update your living room, we can bring it into the 21st century. Consider adding carpeting to make your living room more cozy and warm. Built-in shelves will add more storage space than you ever thought possible. We can think creatively about the design of your living room to make it perfect for you!


As the most-used room in the home, your kitchen should be one of your favorite spaces. If your kitchen has begun to feel outdated or too cluttered and cramped, we can update the design, take down walls to open the space up, or perform a complete remodel.

Great Rooms

Have you ever considered opening up your living room to make it more spacious and airy? The creation of a great room will make a lasting impression on guests and make your home feel roomy and open.


While most people don’t think too much about their hallways, the ways that we transition between spaces should be carefully considered. We’ll design these transition spaces to blend seamlessly with the other rooms of your home. Maybe try our bespoke rug service at Bazaar Velve to make your hallway seem bigger.


We all know that most people spend the majority of their time at home in the bedroom, so why not turn it into the perfect space for you? Whether you’d like spacious new walk-in closets, new and updated lighting fixtures, or the addition of a master bath or en-suite bath, we can make it happen!


A finished basement can add a significant amount of space in an area that would otherwise be unused! We are an experienced basement remodeling contractor who can help you make the most of your home’s square footage.


From a stately library or study to showcase your book collection to a cozy respite with built-in bookcases to enjoy a novel, we can create a space complete to accommodate readers of all types.

Home Offices

A well-designed home office can create a beautiful, efficient work environment that meets all of your requirements. We can design a space that’s functional and inviting enough that you’ll actually look forward to getting to work.

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Creative Spaces Remodeling provides remodeling services to clients throughout the Maryland region, including Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Calvert County, Montgomery County, Baltimore, Annapolis, and the Eastern Shore.

5 Year Warranty

5 yr warranty sealWe are so committed to excellence that we back all of our work with a full 5-year warranty. A 5-year warranty is very uncommon in our industry, but we do this for your peace of mind and because we believe in going beyond our clients’ expectations. Read More